Friend to Friend, From Centuries Past Through Centuries To Come

Why Your Friend Asked You To Read This...

Your friend is proud of Freemasonry and the fine character of its members.
He believes that you have the qualities for membership and that you deserve the opportunity to know more about it.

If you have any questions, please take time to visit the "What is Masonry?" link in the menu bar.

It is important for you to know that those who desire membership must seek it on their own. Hopefully, if the concepts and principles of Masonry,
as enumerated in our website interest you, then we will not need to ask you to join. It is up to you to ask to become a Freemason.
Unfortunately, many men who would like to become Masons never do because they are unaware of the requirement
(that it be of your own free will and accord, and you must ask to join the Fraternity).

As Freemasons, we believe that membership in an organization as worthy as ours must come from a "sincere wish of being serviceable to your fellow creatures"
and not because of coaxing, coercement, or of any promise of material gain of any kind. If, after learning about masonry through this website,
you have any questions or desire to know more about Freemasonry, your friend will be pleased to answer your questions or obtain the answers for you.

Whether or not you decide to seek membership in Freemasonry, you can be certain that you have a special friend within the Masonic Fraternity who thinks very highly of you.
It is a message of kindness... from

The "Friend to Friend" image above depicts King Solomon and some of the most famous Freemasons of all time...

President and Brother George Washington
Brother Benjamin Franklin
Confederate General and Brother Lewis A Armistead being aided by
Union Captain and Brother Henry H. Bingham
President and Brother Franklin D. Roosevelt
President and Brother Harry S. Truman
US General and Brother Douglas MacArthur
US Lunar Astronaut and Brother Buzz Aldrin

Designed: Dean E. Vaughn, P.M.
Artist: Frank M. Hummel
ęCopyright 1994 Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of
Pennsylvania, Masonic Temple, One North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19107-2598

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